Website Building Guidelines

Site Building Steps


Logo, The company’s brand is important. We need to focus on representing the brand of the company strongly when we build these sites.
That means: Making the logo in both the header & footer big, clear and high resolution.
This is one of the biggest elements of a company’s brand. Their logo is their identity so pay attention to how we include it in the site designs.


HOMEPAGE... First:
In working your way through a new build, especially large-scale builds, the home page is what a customer is going to focus on most for signs of progress being made, so try to get the home page laid out as one of the first steps.
Also be sure to pick good, quality content to feature boldly on home pg that clearly expresses what the customer does or the company is


All external links (links that lead the user to another website should open up in a new browser so they never leave our site) to do this add target=”_blank” within the a tag


We have created system pages for customer’s blog, display tables, events, promotions & directory. For instructions please see: “Configuring Dynamic Pages v3” document.


We support the bootstrap theme forms. For brief instructions see the document called “Configuring Dynamic Pages & Content. Also, be sure to refresh yourself on the HTML5 input types and form attributes:
W3Schools form input types
W3Schools form attributes
These are really helpful for validation and making a great user experience.
If you have any issues, contact Maggie as she is our new “Website Form Expert”! (


The footer should always look good. Don’t neglect the footer.
And for SEO purposes always include the company name, address, contact info & social links. It is also good to have at least the most important pages linked up in the footer. And in a separate line at the bottom always add the copyright info. EX: © Copyright 2014 Arts Alive! Powered by DigiPro Media. All Rights Reserved. Include the company’s name & digipro web link.


Typekit:- for web and photoshop
Google Fonts- for web
1001freefonts - for logos and photoshop


Below is the required widget list for site builds:
  Logos: Quick Text


MOBILE VIEW We sell our sites with the promise of building them to be fully-responsive & mobile. That means that all of our sites need to work and lay out cleanly on both iPad & mobile views. Just adjusting the width of your browser screen can help show what site looks like on other screens.

Bootstrap is designed to make this easy. Their grid system is set up to automatically adjust to the triggers we set. Think of the page layout in terms of rows and then columns within the rows. You can adjust the the mobile/iPad widths of sections by setting the sm & xs column widths. EX: div class=”col-md-8 col-sm-12” That means that when the section is viewed on a normal sized screen it will be ¾’s of the page or section container, but when on a small iPad or mobile screen it will be the full width of the screen.

INTERNAL REVIEW BEFORE SENDING TO CUSTOMERS Every site needs to be Q&A’d before being sent to a client to be reviewed. This will be every team member’s responsibility depending on work load at any given time. A fresh set of eyes is important for noticing design & function issues.


  • All links need to work, & external links need to open in new browsers
  • If there are placeholder images left in the site layout to show the customer how things will look, please replace the images with relevant shots that are relevant to the customer’s business. We want to make the best impression we can when we send a site over to customers for review.
  • Make sure headlines for sections make sense. Don’t just copy theme layouts and leave the headings the same. Our job is to use the theme layouts to help us showcase each customer. So make sure you are tailoring the content to fit each build uniquely.
  • Pay attention to page design. All images and content sections need to be evenly spaced out. Find creative ways to fill in empty gaps in content. Choose appropriate page layouts for the content you are working with.
  • Go through site to make sure all headlines & fonts are clear & easy to read (font color visible on background color or image & of a decent size to read)
  • Spell check. Even if the customer provided the content with errors it is our job to catch those and correct them. Our job is to make the customer look professional.

NETWORKING ORGANIZATIONS We now have the ability to launch multiple client consoles from a single console.  This will assist greatly with clients that have multiple accounts or for firms that manage multiple accounts on behalf of their customers.

Setting Up Client Login

Client Login

If you ever have to create a login for a customer or retrieve it here's how to tackle it.:
- Go to the admin site, pull up his organization and then select the "login" link at the top.
- There should be an easy to find place there for you to create new logins. Try to use the correct customer name & email for each login.
- Don't give the login account network, email or sales access unless you are sure they should get those features (they cost extra).
- Login username should always be an email although you can only use an email once for a login (meaning each email can only be tied to one account in our system.

When you send the login to the customer, please make sure you are providing the correct login info. Here's how I typically send it over with a nice professional greeting and closing signature:
To log into the back-end dashboard (to add events, promotions, post to social, etc) visit:
Password: ChangeMe99

You will see on the left-hand side once you've logged in there is a sidebar with various options. The tab at the very bottom of the left-hand sidebar that says "Support" is where you'll go to change your password, view our online help tutorials on how to make edits and also you can submit work or I.T. tickets directly to our production department from there.



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TRAINING RESOURCES If you end up with nothing to do during work hours, we recommend you spend some time looking at some of the online resources available. We are working on recording training webinars.

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