Production List of Short-term Projects

Sites that Need to Be Set Up with Replaceable Content & Display Tables

Here is a partial list of bootstrap sites that need to be updated with tables and replaceable content using the div replaceable="editor" class="cv-blog" element, visual editor or display tables.  These are intended to be filler/in-between jobs and are open for anyone who has the time to do some updates.  If you begin work on one of the following sites, please mark your initials and the date next to the site. Also please make a note next to an item in the list if you know that is has already been set up completely. Thanks!

NOTE: It is very important that when you are adding the editor tags on pages, you add it ONLY to div tags that need it, i.e. Don't put the editor tag in the (first) 'Main' div on the page that encloses everything, this allows for too large of a margin for error when the client tries to use the editor.


A HERO Foundation JR - Done 10/13/14

Absolute Power Electric LLC // Z. Kamp // Done 10/24

Airbus 5K // Z. Kamp // Done 10/24

AL Coasting

Aqua Spa at the Beach Club

Arts Alive Festival

Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce

BAE Event Solutions

Bamboo Willie's // Z. Kamp // Doing 10/24

Bayou La Batre Chamber

Bayou La Batre Kayak Classic

Beach Club Resort Residence & Spa (hotel room pgs need fixing)

Bistro Escoffier // K. Hatcher // Done 12/2

Bodacious Brew

Bodacious Olive

Boykin Paving

Brooks Hubbert

Callaghan's Irish Social Club // J.Conner // Done 10/20

Center Lift

Colacoast Entertainment LLC

Constant Coffee and Tea// J.Conner // Done 12/4

Copy Cat Printing

Culinary Productions

Cutting Edge HomePro

Eastern Shore AL

eGivings Solutions

Elite Crete of the Gulf Coast// J.Conner // Done 10/21

Emerald Coast Pixie Productions

Envie Boutique


Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival// J.Conner // Done 10/22

Fogo Data Centers

For All the Right Reasons

Fuego Coastal Mexican Eatery


Geronimo's Outpost

hair-do salon

Hampton Inn Mobile Providence Park Upgrade

Homeowner's Collection

IDeACOM of the Gulf Coast, Inc.

Jef Bond's ART PARTY

Jinks Music Universe

Lap's Grocery & Grill

Lovell Government Services

Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve


Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley (build in progress)

Mobile Airport Authority

Mobile Airport Authority Foundation

Mobile Regional Airport

Monument to Women Veterans Foundation

Mosaic Tapas Restaurant

New Orleans Chamber of Commerce

On Site Guardian Done - JR

Outcast Bait and Tackle

Palm Power Battery

Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival Upgrade// J.Conner & Team // Done 10/5

Pensacola International Airport

Penton House Barbershop// J.Conner // Done 12/3

Penton House Salon and Day Spa// J.Conner // Done 12/3

Pirates Bay

Play The Coast// J.Conner // Done

Portofino Island Resort (build in progress)

Premier Dolphin Cruise


Salty Beach Outfitters

Self Salon Done - JR

Southern Eye Group

Taste of the Bayou

The Grove

The Oar House

The Revivalists// J.Conner // Done

The Village Door// J.Conner // Done 12/4

The Wine Bar & Bistro

Veterans Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola, Inc

Visit Eastern Shore in Alabama

Wolf Bay Lodge

MCS Photography

Anarchy Foods

Premier Island Collection (build in progress)